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Extreme Bills Proposed in NSW

In NSW there are two extreme abortion related bills that are to be debated in parliament. The first bill, a private member's bill by Mehreen Faruqi, MLC, would allow abortion up until birth for any reason - a horrifying reality in Melbourne at the moment - as well as force medical practitioners to be involved in the referral process. The second bill, introduced by Penny Sharpe, MLC, focuses on 150 metre bubble zones around abortion clinics. You can see more information about these bills here.

Both of these bills should be of great concern to everyone who lives in NSW. The bubble zones, if introduced, would criminalize any attempt to express dissent of abortion within the zones. Taken to the full extreme, this could even be a simple t-shirt with a slogan on it, or a boyfriend pleading with his girlfriend to reconsider. The Faruqi bill undermines the fundamental human right to life and would remove many safeguards around abortion procedures.

Over the past few weeks, Youth for Life, along with other like-minded organisations, have been out seeking signatures for a petition, to be tabled by Greg Donnelly, MLC in parliament.

If you haven't yet had a chance to sign the petition, then you can download a copy here, print it off and post it in to the following address:

The Hon Greg Donnelly MLC
Member of the Legislative Council
Parliament of New South Wales
Macquarie Street