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Hanging out at Lights

We're out in full at the Light to the Nations Easter Festival, engaging with people of all ages, promoting the work that we do and getting registrations of interest for the Ride for Human Rights later in the year. Youth for Life is a secular organisation, but we believe it important to engage with all facets of the pro-life community, including the religious and non-religious.

If you're interested in joining the Ride for Human Rights at the end of the year, remember to submit your registration of interest. This is completely obligation free, so don't worry if you think there's a chance your circumstances may change. The trip will be taking place over 10 days from the last week in November to the first week in December.

If you learnt about the work Youth for Life is doing from the festival, welcome! We hope to continue to promote the work we do at various conferences and events.

Do you want us to come speak at an event or know an event we should know of? Get in touch: