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Youth for Life Active in Queensland

We're very excited that Cherish Life has decided to start up Youth for Life street engagement in Brisbane. They had their first street engagement session in the Queen St Mall last Saturday, and received awesome positive reactions from the public! The more people there are out there on the street having heart to heart conversations with people, the better we can reframe the discourse in Australia surrounding the issue of abortion.

Last weekend, our President spoke at Cherish Life's annual conference, about Youth for Life's work and shared some stories about street outreach. 

"...we had a woman come to us and she told us that she had two sets of twins - one set that are now 24 years old and another set that she aborted. She was pressured into aborting her first set of twins, and she now deeply regrets this decision. She told us she had woken up that morning and thought of her aborted babies for the first time in years and then she bumped into us on her way into town. We had been decorating the footpaths around us with chalk designs and quotes like "Life is Precious", and as you can see she wrote the names of her children on the footpath. The top two names, Jasmine and Kon, are the names she gave to her aborted babies to honour them."