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Donation Policy

Updated March, 2017

Thank you for considering donating to Youth for Life. This policy is designed to be a simply worded outline of who gets your donation and what is done with it.


Any donation processed at the Youth for Life website is directed towards Youth for Life NSW Incorporated (hereby referred to as Youth for Life NSW), ABN 82701280870. Credit card donations are processed by our payments processor Stripe. The charge that appears on your credit card statement may include the name “Stripe” and/or “Youth for Life NSW”.

Assets and funds of Youth for Life NSW may be freely transferred (that is, without explicit approval of the directors or members) between other Youth for Life state branches and a federal branch, all of which will have compatible constitutions to that of Youth for Life NSW. These branches may not be formed at the point of donations, however if they are formed at any point in the future, the same criteria for transferring assets and funds applies. These other state branches or federal branches must be recognised in the constitution of Youth for Life NSW, and those branches must all recognise each other and Youth for Life NSW with a similar clause.


All amounts selected on our donation page are in AUD, and those figures will be charged to the credit card in AUD.


If donating by credit card, a receipt will be emailed to you shortly after your donation is successfully processed. If donation by bank deposit, it will be emailed to you within a week of the transfer clearing successfully into our bank account. For bank transfers, if the transaction description is incorrect, we won’t be able to issue any receipt.

Tax Deductibility

Unfortunately, we aren’t a tax deductible charity, and donations will not be tax deductible. You will still be issued a receipt, but the receipt will clearly indicate that it is not tax deductible.

Use of Donations

Our constitution guides how we use our donations. Expenditure will typically be approved by directors and/or members of Youth for Life NSW (or, if the funds are transferred freely to another branch, then approved by the directors and/or members of that branch). Base expenditure will be to keep everything ticking over: our website, administration costs and other day to day to expenses. We try and keep these expenses low to spend as much money as possible on promotional material and events that Youth for Life NSW or another Youth for Life branch run – that’s our primary goal.

At the time this policy was written, all members and directors of Youth for Life NSW are volunteers, and no money is given to members except as reimbursement for expenses occurred (which may include out of pocket expenses encountered as part of a promotion, or as part of a planning day). There may be a time when a member is paid as either an employee or contractor, however if this is done it will be done at the approval of the directors and/or members (with the member in question unable to vote or contribute to the final decision). This may happen without an immediate update to this policy.


We encourage all donors to sign up to our mailing list, as we strive to transparency with our donors. Our mailing list will be the primary way for Youth for Life NSW to keep you updated with what we are doing, so you can see what your money is contributing towards.


If you have any questions about Youth for Life NSW in general, feel free to reach out to If you have any financial related questions, you can reach out to our treasurer directly at